I’m Michał! 

Polish-born, Warsaw-based. Director, Creative director. Co-creator and Partner
at Juice – a full-service visual effects, design, and audio powerhouse. I combine my cinematography and design skills to create innovative, immersive stories for the biggest brands and names around the world. 

I started as a designer, but it took only 2 years to quickly move my interest into motion pictures which eventually led me to immerse in the VFX world.

I’ve begun my professional experience working on world-recognized projects for Ubisoft, Gaijin Entertainment, Nike, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Mitsubishi, to name a few. 

I proudly call myself the co-creator of “Project 2501: Homage to Ghost in the Shell”—
a non-commercial, respectful homage to Shirow Masamune’s manga and Mamoru Oshii’s film “Ghost in the Shell”, directed by Ash Thorp. I worked on the trailer for History Channel’s “Vikings”, and BBC campaign promoting the 2014 Sochi Winter that brought BAFTA award to his wall of distinguishes.

I had a huge privilege to work on “Ares: Our Greatest Adventure”—the science fiction blockbuster’s teaser, of the Oscar-nominated movie “The Martian” produced in collaboration with NASA, starring Matt Damon. A three minutes long film explaining the scientific basis of the ARES mission in space portrayed in the movie allowed him to create one of the most demanding spacer experiences brought to a worldwide audience.

I worked on Liberator, Netflix tv series where I was responsible to develop the whole visual language, and also I served as a second unit director for the whole series. 



The Panics






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